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Officers from Hampshire Constabulary’s Road Safety team have arrived on the Isle of Wight as part of a 2-day operation to tackle unsafe use of the Island’s roads by motorists flouting the law. Mainland officers are working with the Island’s own Armed Response/Roads Policing Joint Operation Unit to tackle offences spotted on the roads and to provide education to motorists. Previous operations have seen officers target anti-social vehicles, conduct speed enforcement at local hotspots, and issuing tickets to drivers using mobile phones, as well as individuals driving with dangerous loads. Article continues below this advertisement The Island has seen a number of road incidents since the beginning of the easing of lockdown restrictions, including several traffic collisions involving drivers who were subsequently arrested on suspicion of offences such as drug driving – including an incident on Newport’s St George’s Way just days ago, as first reported by Island Echo . Island Echo has been out with the police today observing part of the operation. During our reporter’s time with the officers, several motorists were stopped and given advice, including 1 driver regarding the securing of loads. Advice was also given to the rider of a moped relating to the use of suitable protective clothing. PC Dave Hazlett of the Joint Operations Unit told Island Echo: “It’s about highlighting to the public that since the lockdown has started to ease, there is more vehicle movement on the roads. With this in mind we are looking at promoting the Fatal Four which is speeding, mobile phones, seatbelts, and impairment. “We are able to educate but we are also able to enforce the laws that govern the road network and obviously just provide that community reassurance that people’s issues around the use of the roads are being taken seriously and we’re visibly out there doing the job that we need to do. Article continues below this advertisement “If people aren’t tempted to flout the road traffic laws then we would clearly prefer that as an option, however, it’s also that visible deterrent that the police are out there doing the job they need to do. “We can’t be everywhere, but we could be anywhere.” Isle of Wight resident Claire Mumford, who is also a Special Constable with Hampshire Constabulary, said she is pleased to see the operation take place as the roads here get busier as the Summer season hits. Claire is urging drivers to take care. She’s said: “It’s been really noticeable what’s been shown in the press, and what I’ve seen myself whilst out and about, the roads are a lot busier and there have been a lot more incidents lately. “I’ve got family on the island, I’ve got friends on the island, I’m a big part of the local community, and I want them all to stay safe. I just want them to take it easy, remember that the roads are getting busier, there are going to be more people over here, and just look out for each other and be careful. “This is a great opportunity – our colleagues coming to help us really makes a difference to what we can put in place to protect our Island community.” The views/opinions expressed in these comments are solely those of the author and do not represent those of Island Echo. House rules on commenting must be followed at all times. When you login for the first time using Facebook, we collect your account public profile information shared by Facebook, based on your privacy settings. We also collect your email address to automatically create an account for you on this website. Once your account is created, you'll be logged in to this account.


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The claim: The Arizona recount has found 250,000 fraudulent votes  An election audit  in Maricopa County, Arizona, began on April 23. Nearly six months after President Joe Biden won Arizona by nearly 10,500 votes and Maricopa County by over 45,100 votes, auditors are set to hand count 2.1 million ballots  in the county. This audit is unprecedented and heavily contested by Democrats, some Republicans and election officials. State Senate Democrats say  that the audit will amplify baseless claims of voter fraud and diminish public trust in Arizona’s election system. A  County official and the state Democratic Party argue the recount procedures violate state election laws and pose a security threat.  Despite numerous county audits that confirmed the initial election results and several fruitless lawsuits from former President Donald Trump's campaign and its allies, the Republican-led state Senate said it would conduct the audit to ensure the integrity of Arizona's election system. The Senate has said the audit's findings will not be used to overturn the 2020 election outcome. The Arizona Senate and Cyber Ninjas, the private company hired to oversee the audit, have kept the proceedings and findings private. Members of the press have not been allowed access to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum where the recount will take place through May 14. Fact check: False claim ties Biden's climate plan to reducing meat consumption Cyber Ninjas' involvement in the recount is controversial since its founder, Doug Logan, promoted unfounded claims of election fraud on social media and supported an effort to overturn the election results in Michigan.  Neither the Senate nor Cyber Ninja has announced a discovery of widespread election fraud, but that hasn’t stopped social media users from making false claims online. “A quarter of a million illegal votes found in Arizona’s audit...so far!” claims one April 27 post. USA TODAY requested comment from several accounts that posted the widely-shared claim. Arizona Senate confirms it hasn’t announced that finding Ken Bennett, Arizona Senate liaison and former Arizona secretary of state, told USA TODAY claims that the audit found 250,000 fraudulent votes were “absolutely not” true.  ArizonaAudit.com , the official webpage for the election audit, does not include any such announcement. USA TODAY has previously debunked false allegations about  election fraud and the Maricopa County audit . False claims have alleged there were issues on both a local and national scale. None of the fact checks found any evidence of widespread fraud. The claim that the ongoing election audit in Maricopa County has found 250,000 fraudulent ballots is rated FALSE because it is not supported by our research. The Arizona Senate liaison for the audit confirmed to USA TODAY that no such announcement has been made. Numerous prior county audits and lawsuits have confirmed the initial 2020 election results.


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